What Method do you use for shipping?
At the moment we use Royal Mail 1st Class, so, after placing your order you’ll receive it within a few days.

We are, however, looking into the most ecological methods of shipment for the future. As we grow, we’ll change our shipping method to something simpler for us and better for the planet - so, watch this space!

Do you ship outside of the UK?
Yes we do! International postage & packing is £15, and will be added to your order at checkout.

Do you cover import taxes for international orders?
No, we do not cover any extra taxes from your end if you're ordering from outside of the UK.

How do your prints go from drawing to fabric?
Ellie draws an image, she then scans that image into the computer, changes the colours and digitally repeats the design to make a print.

The design is then printed onto the fabric using a method called ‘dye sublimation’, which is basically like putting the fabric through a giant printer.

You can follow along with the design process on our Instagram, and check out whats inspiring us over on our Pintrest. We also want to create designs YOU want, so if there’s a print/colour you love that you just cant find anywhere, tell us - we might just make that happen!

How is your fabric made from recycled plastic?
We have a blog post explaining this whole process - here

Doesn’t it feel like you're wearing plastic?
No! We tried and tested a lot of different variations of this fabric to find the one which was silky soft, suitable for a sweaty practice  - not to thick, not too thin and sweat wicking (so, no see-through moments when you stretch and no sweat patches!)

In all honesty, whenever you buy a piece of clothing with ‘Polyester’ in the fabric blend: you are wearing plastic. Polyester makes up almost all activewear, and most clothing in general, however, that is newly made plastic which will add to the amount of waste we have in our landfills at the end of it’s lifetime. What we do, is use what is already waste to create something new, therefore lessening the amount of waste we have in landfills and oceans.

Is the clothing suitable for hot yoga/bikram?
Yes! Our garments have been tried and tested at KPJAYI in Mysore, India - AKA the hottest of the hot - and passed with flying colours! We have also tested the fabric in hot yoga classes in London, and there were no sweat patches to be found!

How do I care for my clothing?
You can find washing instructions printed inside all our garments. In general:

- Machine wash at a low temperature with a mild detergent

- Avoid the use of fabric softener if you can

- Line dry(either inside out of away from direct sunlight) is best.

- Do not tumble dry, as it will effect the shape of the garment.

- If you are concerned about Microplastics (small fragments of the fabric) being carried back into the ocean as you wash, we cannot reccomend GUPPY BAGS enough! Simply place your clothing in your guppy and the bag will catch any micro-plasics inside, which can be disposed of after you've washed the items.

If I want to buy an item but it’s listed as out of stock, will you be getting any more in?
All of our prints are limited edition, so we only make 100 of each item in each print (i.e 100 Long leggings in Medina print across all sizes) and once that 100 are gone, they are gone, and we’ll add a new print to the collection soon after.

Most of the time, if an item is listed at out of stock, we won’t be getting any more in - that being said, it's always good to check with us to see if any returns have come back in but haven't been processed on the website yet.

If you have any more questions, we’re more than happy to help - send them through to hello@nitara-london.com and we’ll get back to you asap.


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