Ok but, what does it ACTUALLY mean to be 'Mindful'?

Ok but, what does it ACTUALLY mean to be 'Mindful'?

February 25, 2019

The word ‘mindful’ is a term thats thrown around a lot, so much so that it's kinda starting to loose it's meaning a little bit…which we don’t want to happen!

Put short, 'Mindfulness' is a practice and a way of life…it’s also a book and a school of meditation, but for now let’s just tackle the ‘way of life’ bit when it comes to taking yoga off the mat..

Research has shown that most humans are on autopilot 47% of the time (!!) where our attention is so absorbed in our own thoughts that were not exactly ‘there’ in the moment.

...Ever been driving a car, only to realise that you’ve been on autopilot for the last 10 minutes and cannot remember a chunk of your journey at all?! – scary moment! that’s what most of us are doing almost half of our lives..also a very scary thought!

In our busy world, where we’re hyper connected digitally but so often disconnected from each other, it’s easier than ever to drift into autopilot for most of the day, where we get so lost in ‘doing’ rather than noticing whats actually going on moment to moment.

Which leaves us more suseptable to anxiety, depression, stress and reactivity. Research has also shown that, in fact: the more our minds wander, the less happy we are!

Living mindfully is a commitment not to live your life on autopilot, to absorb every moment and to be awake for every decision you make to live a happier, healither, more connected life.

To be mindful is to be awake.

To be mindful is to be self aware.

To be mindful is to act consciously as opposed to out of habit.

To be mindful is to care for yourself, others and the planet.

To be mindful is to non-judgementally pay attention to the present moment.

Often mindfulness starts on the mat or meditation cushion: by being aware of your body, the shape you’re making, the quality of your own breath, your gaze point (drishti) and the thoughts running through your head.

Then, without even trying, that awareness starts to spill over into the decisions you make throughout the day.

To your eating habits: whether you’re eating out of boredom, emotionally or genuinely for energy and nutrients. (e.g. I personally have a habit of mindlessly buying coffee whenever I’m catching a train anywhere, even if I don’t need it, I’ll buy it completely out of habit!)

To what you buy: whether you’re mindlessly spending money on unnecessary things or buying things that align with your core values (i.e. mindfully made things that you actually need).

To who you spend time with: are you spending the most time with people who raise you up or bring you down?

To how you tou treat the people around you: living with that conscious awareness forces us to unapologetically accept ourselves as we are. When you learn to be aware of, and accept, your own flaws exacly as they are; you can't help but be more accepting of the people around you. We're all mad here: we all have good and bad, we all make mistakes, we all have our own things we're learning to deal with; and when you become more aware of your own 'stuff' you can't help but accept others for all they come with too.

Cultivating a conscious connection to yourself, learing to light your own lamp first, is - I think - the most important thing each of us can do to save the planet. The day that every human lives life less out of habit and more with mindful intentions, the world will be an even more positive place to live. 


(p.s. the thing burning in the photo is sage...incase you we're thinking it was somehting else! haha)

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