NITARA meets - Sabi Kerr

NITARA meets - Sabi Kerr

June 21, 2018

Sabi is a London-based yoga teacher, life coach and the creator of FEMpowerment meets: a monthly gathering where a group of bad-ass women - yogis, non-yogis, boss babes, non-boss babes...basically just a whole mix of ladies in persuit of living their best life - who, led by Sabi...share. They share their warts and all stories, their highs and lows, their dreams, passions and generally raise eachother higher.
Her smile is contageous, her energy is natural and she's just one of those people who you can feel is living thier truth!  So we caught up with Sabi at the stunning Locke Hotel to chat all things yoga, life, inspo ..etc 














Tell me about your life pre-yoga? What’s your background?
I’ve done a whole load of things pre-yoga... most people know I come from a dance background and have always
loved creative movement. What a lot of people don’t know, is that I also have an economics degree, I gave management consulting a try, I qualified as a primary school teacher and spent quite a few years teaching in London classrooms, and I set up a dance events business that I ran for a little while. These seemingly random unconnected experiences actually all meant something to me, and the variety of experiences I’ve had have brought such meaning in to what I do now as a yoga teacher and life coach.
And now, what does your yoga practice mean to you? whats the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your yoga practice so far?
My yoga practice opened up a whole new level of awareness. What started as a physical practice to compliment my dance training, soon progressed into something much deeper. Whether I get on my mat or not, my daily yoga practice is being present, and developing my understanding that this present moment is all we ever have. Life is now, and only ever now... so stop waiting your whole life to start living! 

 It’s there a mantra or a quote you live by?

Whatever you do, do it with passion and do it with love.
I have a quote obsession, but this one keeps it simple… Whatever I’m doing in life, I want to feel passionate about it and excited about it, because this excitement keeps me in love with the life I’m living. And if I’m not, it’s all good, it’s just a nudge to reassess where I’m at, see what’s going on and recognise if anything needs to change.

Off the mat, what are you most passionate about?
Supporting others to live a life they love, through my work as a life coach. Then there’s the dancing, travelling, learning and exploring more about the world we live in. Learning new things, always. Once you stop learning, you stop living ;)

Tell us a little bit about FEMpowerment meets!?
It’s a community project with the aim of sharing stories of life, business and everything in between, to inspire the women around us to step into their power. It celebrates the power of story sharing; when we hear other women’s empowering stories we realise: if she can do it, so can I. I can also have the courage to step into a life that truly feels authentic to me. The events include a mixture of talks, group discussions, meditation and some activities to guide us into thinking a little more deeply about the lives we want to live.

What inspired you to start it (fempowerment meets)?
It was born out of the excitement I’d feel each time I’d have powerful discussions with amazing women and I’d think, wouldn’t it be better if a group of us could get together and do this?



Top three favourite songs right now?
Probably any 3 songs from the new Jorja Smith album - listening to it non stop at the moment!
Favourite place in the world?
It’s too hard to just pick one! I have three:
London, because it’s my home and it’s the best city in the world!
LA, my creative home, where I go to feel inspired and to soak in all the positive energy.
Paris, because it’s so beautiful and is the city of love.

Tell us something we don't know about you…
A little random fact… back in the days when I was dancing more, I was part of a pro cheerleading group and we were backing dancers for One Direction when they were on the X Factor. A long time ago!

 Sabi is wears our Medina Print long leggings, High neck bra in Medina and White.

Follow Sabi here:

And FEMpowerment meets here (next event on 9th July!):

All Photos by Sam Lindley

And a massive thankyou to the Leman Locke to the amazing backdrop!

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