Tackle anxiety before breakfast with this easy morning ritual

Tackle anxiety before breakfast with this easy morning ritual

February 01, 2019

So is ‘X’ o’clock in the morning, your alarms screaming at you to get up, you’re hitting the snooze over and over again to get a few more minutes in the warmth of your duvet. Then finally you come around, you sit up in bed, pick up your phone, turn off your alarm and start checking your messages and social media because you’ve just gotta know what the worlds been doing while you’ve been tucked up in bed. Thoughts, judgements, worries anxieties come flooding in at a million miles an hour before the days even begun…sound famaliar?

… so how do you stop them?

Well, firstly, try not to check your phone first thing!….I know, I know this is the hardest thing ever and I am 100% guilty of this one sometimes too! But dedicating even just the first half an hour of your morning just to real life, yourself and nobody else, will make all that difference. That way you’re giving your mind time to adjust to being awake before it has to make any big discussions.

The second is the magic of the Morning pages: Apart from my obvious first love, my yoga practice, this is my other favourite thing to do every damn day. It’s not like a normal journal where you’re recalling what happened that day, it’s more like an off loading or a brain dump of everything thats going on in your head at that time, your very first thoughts of the day.

It’s the simplest thing to do:

Step 1 – Pick up a notebook and a pen

Step 2 – Sit down with your morning brew of choice

Step 3 – Write. Write the first thing that comes to your head without any judgement or planning. Just write, I mean, nobody else is going to read it so you can say absolutely anything you want! Write what you’re feeling, a dream you had, something you’re looking forward to that day…literally anything that comes up in that moment.

Some days mine makes absolutely no sense at all (my handwriting is particularly bad a this time of day!) and there have other been times when the first thing that flowed out was poetry (always cool when that happens!). There have been days where I’ve written pages and pages of emotions that I didn’t even know I had, had big revelations about problems I’d been avoiding and worked through struggles and other times where I’ve literally just written the words ‘I don’t know what to write’.

Step 4 – I usually end my with three things I’m grateful for (which change every day) and three positive affirmations for the day….I hate the term affirmation, but that's pretty much what they are, it usually go with ‘I am stronger than I think I am’, ‘ I am dedicated, devoted and determined not to give up (my journey that is, my practice and my business) and ‘I am enough’. Sounds kinda cheesy but fires me up for the day like a dream!

Step 5 – Close the notebook and move on. Don’t read or dwell upon what you’ve written, just trust that you’ve cleared what needs to be cleared and go about your morning routine as normal.

I find that clearing out those thoughts first thing makes the hugest difference to the thoughts I have for the rest of the day. Over time you’ll find start to understand yourself better, you stop overthinking things so much because you’ll have got those worries out on to paper and that act of mind clearing paves way for new trains of thought to arise.

Try it for a week and see how it goes, then if it works for you make it a daily ritual…and let me know how it goes! 😉

Much love,

Ellie xx

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