Manifesto of the mindful

Manifesto of the mindful

June 19, 2019

I was inspired to write this after downloading David Hiett's (the genius behind Hiut Denim & The Do Lectures) ‘Manifesto of a Doer’ (which you can find on The Do's website).

… It really got me thinking about NITARA’s purpose and took me way back to my “Why?”; the reason I created this brand in the first place, which was:

- To celebrate conscious living in a modern way
- Unity. - Myself being a yogi, and ‘yoga’ being the sanskrit word for union this ones obvious. But I wanted to spread those yogic ideas of unity: all beings being one, to people who don't connect with yoga as much as I do. You can do weight training, if that’s what lights your lamp, and still live in a mindful way. Body, mind, soul, people, planet, animals…you see where i’m going there, everything is connected.

My mission is basically just to make 'conscious living' just ‘living.’ - the normal way to do life.

I mean, why is there such a thing as conscious or unconscious living? …Why do we have sustainable and un-stainable fashion? or fair and unfair trade?….IT MAKES NO SENSE!

So, I’ve come up with a manifesto; the guidelines for the modern, united being. 

Feel free to comment, add, share anything you think we can change in this. It’s one of those things that will probably to continue to evolve with us. But, here’s version 1…

1. Move your body every. damn. day.
2. Connect to your breath as many times a day as you can. You don't have to be sitting doing your best buddha impression to do this; you’re breathing while you're doing other things too, you can connect to your breath anywhere: while you walk, while your making a cuppa, while you're on your commute to work - I don't care where you are, just connect.
3. Make self care, radical self acceptance and reflection a priority in your life. Learn how to light your own lamp first.
4. Challenge yourself. The more you start to trust in your own abilities, the more respect you’ll start to cultivate and the easier it is to trust the abilities of others too.
5. Make someone else laugh every day; it just makes everyones day better.
6. Smile at strangers…Not in a creepy way! In a ‘I acknowledge that you're alive’ kinda way :)
7. Accept everyone as they are. This is hard in some circumstances. But instead of constantly focusing on the ways in which you're different from someone else, find things that connect you to them or things about them that are positive.
8. Share: your clothes, your feelings, your food, your experiences. Life is better shared.
9. The world is changed by your example. Not by your opinion.
10. Just because you don't know someone else or can't see their face, it doesn’t mean that your actions don't affect them. Your actions affect everything, so act wisely.
11. When you buy something, you're not spending money. You're spending the time it took you to earn that money - Money is energy. So, would you spend your energy supporting good? Or something throw away that you’ll use/wear once?
12. There’s enough evidence around to prove that eating less meat is a whole lot better for the environment and for your body. I’m not saying you 100% have to go hard core vegan over night, but at least one meat-free day a week will help the world massively.
13. Plastic. Need I say more? Do your best to use as little single use plastic as you possibly can
14. Say no, and say it often. You don't have to be everything to everyone.
15. Keep your energy pushing forwards. The past is gone. Things out of your control cannot be changed. Energy spent being angry, jealous, guilty or negative is energy wasted.
16. Comparison is the thief of joy. You’ve heard it a million times before. Now put it into practice.
17. Discipline will keep you sane. It sounds boring and restrictive but it's the opposite: done well it will actually create more freedom and stability in your life.
18. When you point a finger at someone else, there are three fingers pointing back at you. Everyone's a mirror of each other, thats how we learn from one another and grow together.
19. Walk bare foot on earth as much as you possibly can. Nature is a teacher and a healer, connect to her.
20. Life is a challenge best tackled together. Community is a basic human need. (you can call it tribe, family or 'fr-amily' if you wanna)

21. Love. That's all.

I’m not saying I’m perfect or that I do all of these things all the time. But it my strong belief that if each of us sets the intention to become the best version of ourselves, and continues to spread that intention into making each other and the planet the best they/it possibly can be…the world will be an even more amazing place to be.

Keep the list going, if you want to add anything you can comment on our latest instagram post or email us at and we add an updated version of this soon!

Much love,
Ellie xx

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