Forces for Change

Forces for Change

August 20, 2019


Be a force for change...

I’m sat at my desk ready to write this weeks newsletter with the copy of the September issue of Vogue UK sitting next to me and in all honesty I don't know what I’m doing to write yet. I had a plan…but I’ll save that for next week.

If you've seen our instagram today, you'll know that the reason I have Vogue next to me is because they chose to feature NITARA for the very first time as part of their 'Consciously Vogue' edit. Honoured is an understatement, I mean, this is a day I will never ever forget! …BUT that’s not why I've decided to talk about it now instead of give you the update I was planning for.

This issue of Vogue was guest edited by HRH The Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle. She approached Vogue herself because she wanted to use their platform as a vehicle for spreading a message: to showcase amazing women who are really stepping into their power, using their voices as powerful vehicles of change in this world. From climate action to diverse representation, political activism and women rights to women who have just simply defied all odds; I’ve sat here reading these pages in absolute awe.

I won’t ruin the ending for those who have a copy you’re waiting to read. But the over-riding theme of the magazine is that YOU are the next force of change. Take inspiration from these women, open your mind up to the infinite possibility that is you and your power…and use that power wisely.

You’re here, reading this, so you get it ;) What’s your driving force?

I make clothes because that’s my creative expression (or one of them!) I love it and it’s so much fun! …but there is a bigger purpose behind it than just cool yoga pants.

My mission is and always will be unity.

I strongly believe that every single human being has the right to feel content within themselves, accepted, loved, empowered and like they’re doing some good; the way that years of Yoga have helped me to feel. Anyone who truly feels that way within themselves will undoubtedly have better respect for the planet and for each other - right?

When I teach yoga I can literally see that spark of consciousness ignite, it’s the coolest thing ever to watch that spark become a wildfire.

…So what’s that got to do with yoga pants? Well, I believe that businesses done well are amazing tools for change. They create community around one belief or message - The community becomes a movement - Movement creates change.

….well that AND I just really enjoy designing clothes. Of course. Give a woman the right outfit and she will change the world!  

Being a ‘force for change’ doesn't have to be in the form of a business or speeches in font of the masses; it can be making a conscious effort to be kind to yourself and others, to say thank you to your bus driver, to cut back of buying things in single use plastic, to avoid fast fashion…Your choices, your values and your actions big or small, matter. They do.

All my love,

Ellie xx

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