Change is overdue #BlackLivesMatter

Change is overdue #BlackLivesMatter

June 11, 2020


The conversation sprung by the brutal murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis is a revolution we cannot and will not ignore. Yet ANOTHER innocent black person shouldn't have to die in America for us to have this realisation... but it's my only hope that the action being taken across the globe since George's death will set free a community who have been suppressed for far too long. 

The power is in our hands to end the cycle and the power is in our hands to create a world without separateness. 

If you know us well, then you'll know that we put yoga before everything ' yoga first, business second. Always.'; yoga being the sanskrit word meaning 'union', not only the shapes we make on the mat. UNITY above all else, and believe it or not, that doesn't mean 'juicy flows' and '#possitivevibes' all the time. The pursuit or unity is challenging, it's uncomfortable; it takes constant effort and getting stuff wrong sometimes in order to learn.  

I'm not sharing that to make us look perfect, far from it. I'm sharing our story because I want you to join us in this mission: unity above all else, and to take it upon yourself to be part of the change...even if it might get hard or a little uncomfortable sometimes.  

The world won't change unless we change.

As for you, you can support the Black Lives Matter movement by educating yourself, by donating where you can and by ACTIVELY being ANIT-RACIST in your immediate community. That means having the uncomfortable, awkward conversation with yourself and the people around you and it means calling people out when you see racism happening on your doorstep.

And I personally, have taken the past weeks to have a deep look at what NITARA represents and how I want to change moving forwards. NITARA is a tiny business run predominantly by me, Ellie, a 29 year old White woman who was born and raised in London. 

I grew up in a unique corner of London that was very culturally diverse, but not only that: all cultures were heard, accepted and honoured as equal not 'other' home and through schooling I was taught not to be colour blind, to embrace differences and to take it upon myself to educate myself to try to understand different stories. I wasn't perfect, but it was a rare upbringing that I'm really grateful that I had. 

When I started NITARA I wanted to create a brand that did things right: that put people and planet at the forefront and that every woman, no matter her race or story felt seen, heard and fully accepted. That meant having diverse representation in our photography, stories from all walks of life on our blog and clothing that would hold each and every one of you through all the sweat and tears...and honestly, I haven't fulfilled that promise to you yet, but I will. not. stop. until I do. 


I will do better. We can all do better. 


Ellie xx

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